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It’s great that you have found us. Thank you for spending your time at our website to inform you about our Welsh Ponies.
Our small private stud is based at the Palatinate Wine Route where we breed the beautiful Welsh Ponies of Section B since 1990.
This breed comes from Great Britain and is the youngest of 4 Welsh Pony Sections. Resting upon the Welsh Mountain Pony this breed arised caused by aimed hybridisation to achieve a pony with extraordinary riding features for children and youths.
Because of its extensive walk, its good activity from the hindquaters and its outstanding jumping ability it is hardly possible to imagine our riding competitions without Welsh Ponies of Section B.
This type convinces with its reliability, its willingness and its motivation and is very easy to handle as well as in its keeping.
This breed presents itself with a small, clean-cut head, well set on and tapering to the muzzle.
The neck is lengthy, well carried and moderately lean in the case of mares, but inclined to be cresty in the case of mature stallions.
The shoulders are long and sloping well back. Withers moderately fine, but not “knifey”. The humerus upright so that the foreleg is not set in under the body.
The Forelegs are set square and true, and not tied in at the elbows. Long, strong forearm, well developed knee, short flat bone below knee, pasterns of proportionate slope and length, feet well-shaped and round, hoofs dense.
The back and loins are muscular, strong and well coupled.
The hind Quarters are lengthy and fine. Not ragged or goose-rumped and the tail well set on and carried gaily.
The hind legs should be large, flat and clean with points prominent, to turn neither inwards nor outwards. They should not be too bent and they should not set behind a line from the point of the quarter to the fetlock joint. The feet are well-shaped and the hoofs are dense.
Altogether the action should be quick, free and straight from the shoulder, knees and hocks well flexed with straight and powerful leverage and well under the body.
With our website we hope to be able to bring the Welsh Pony of Section a little closer to you.
Devided in different categories you can find at our homepage a lot of photos as well as an amount of texts, informations about our ponies, about their achievements and also about the history of the foundation of our stud.
In “Archive” and “Info” you can choose if you want to inform yourself about current occasions or if you prefer to pay attention to the past years.
We wish you a lot of enjoyment here and invite you to leave a message in our guest book. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Datas therefor you can find at “Contact”.

Best wishes
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