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Stud-Blazon With History



In celebration of our 25th jubilee our stud-blazon appears in a new design, which consists of a laurel wreath, a ring, a lily, a crown and the year 1990.

The laurel wreath is a symbol for a special honor or award, especially for a victory or a special success.
The ring represents the former town wall of our homevillage Billigheim. A town wall, which was built by the elector Friedrich I. in the year 1468. Fortress Billigheim was surrounded with a large and deep moat, which was watered by the then-called Kappelbach (little creek, now called Kaiserbach which means literally translated “emperor-creek”).
The lily as well as the crown are emblems for emperors from the Staufer era, who once were fishing trouts in that little creek – probably the reason for its current name “emperor-creek” which is called “Kaiserbach” in German.
The fifth and last part of the blazon is the year 1990, which is the year of foundation of our stud.

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